What makes you stand out from the crowd? What makes you memorable? Everyone has a unique brand, and here at The Capture Club, we want to help you to articulate that perfectly through your digital presence.

Do you struggle to connect with your audience? Or do you not know exactly who they are maybe? Through our online courses and mentoring programs we will help you to find your audience AND teach you how to speak to them.

Do you know what your values are, but find it hard to put it into clever, well worded copy? The Capture Club courses, workshops and mentoring programs teach you how to articulate your brand in the perfect voice that is true to YOU.

FLATLAY PHOTOGRAPHY SCHOOL: The simple art of flatlay photography

  • We cover composition, using my unique formula.
  • We cover lighting, and how to make the best of natural light (eliminating the need for expensive studio lighting).
  • We cover what tools & equipment you can use and where you can purchase them from... AND
  • We cover styling & environment: What backdrop to use to suit your digital marketing, for both flatlay and lifestyle photographs.


So, are you ready?


PHONE-TOGRAPHY SCHOOL: How to take kick ass photos using your phone.

  • You'll learn how to create your own brief and make great decisions on WHERE to take your photos to take them next level.
  • We'll cover lighting - How to make the most of natural lighting and eliminate the need for any expensive artificial lighting systems.
  • I'll share my favourite apps & software and teach you how to edit your photos (in phone) to create that kick ass photo!


So, are you ready?


1:1 Mentoring with Leah

Not one for group learning? Leah's one on one bespoke mentoring program is exactly what you need then.

These sessions are 100% customised just for you. We send out a pre-coaching questionnaire to find out the nitty gritty details and then we cover literally everything you are struggling with in a safe environment tailored to *your* best learning style.

Things we can cover:

- Settings + modes on your camera
- Business planning + mind mapping
- Financials + pricing
- Digital marketing + social media
- Tools, equipment + software
- Goal setting
- Editing
- Workflow + systems
- Client interaction + delivery
- Website + photography evaluation
- Branding development
- Developing your voice


Group Workshops


If online learning isn't your jam, then that's OK too (Well, for your Vic folk anyway!)

Leah hosts all of her online courses, in person too. All workshops consist of minimal theory and maximum snacks and hands on creating.

We hire light soaked venues, bring all the pretty props and teach you with your own camera/phone how to take photos of your service/product on the day. We can offer suggestions if you're feeling stuck and hold your hand to make sure you are nailing your photos before being let go into the wild to try on your own.



Your Teacher: Leah Ladson

Leah is one of Australia’s favourite go-to, award winning photographers for Commercial and Branding photography.

Her work has been seen in several National & International publications as well as adding ‘Author’ to her belt in 2018 being a co-writer for the book “Weddings, Weddings, Weddings”.

Leah wears several hats in her business, she is a Photographer, but also offers mentoring to start-up businesses, as well as being the founder of regional group ‘Girls From The Go’ which supports regional women who run their own business.

While Leah started off as a Photographer, she quickly realised her path in life was so much more, and that is where the educating was born!


"It’s no secret that we adore Leah and her work, hello, she is one of kindest peeps we know and the flatlay queen! So we just had to check out her new and shiny Phone-tography course. Leah has outdone herself with this course, her delivery has made it super easy for anyone at any skill level to follow along and learn some serious skills. It wasn’t rushed and she explains everything in a way that’s clear and easy to understand. As we are touchy visual peeps when it comes to learning, we liked that we could easily follow along with our phones. #wearenowprofeshphotographers For anyone in small biz this kind of skill is essential to create awesome content yourself, and the bonus for our lil biz is that it’s a skill our clients will be loving us for. We highly recommend any biz that needs imagery/content to invest in this course, you will thank yourself for it."

Bec + Kara
Social ConXn

"Leahs Phonetography course was exactly what I needed to help me save money for my small business. I depend on professional photos of my stock, and photoshoots for my seasonal product launches, but could not find a way to make hiring a professional photographer a few times a year work. Leahs course was the perfect investment. I now have the skills to take my own product photos and it's really exciting! It's come in handy in more ways than I realised as well. I'm very impulsive and will release random limited edition products, these skills mean I can get the shots I need asap rather than waiting for the next photoshoot or relying on daggy mockups. This course is the perfect investment for anyone who relys on professional photography or their products or business. thanks Leah!"

Katie Brown
Worldwide Mama Crew

"Leah is a source of such wonderful information! Our little business recently has the pleasure of doing her Phone-tography course. This was full of not only awesome styling tips and photo direction, but the do's and don'ts of editing and recommendations of the best apps to use! She has also answered all the questions we have sent through after the course as well. We HIGHLY recommend joining her!"

Ash + Kim
Hello Beautiful Kids

"Leah is such a talented and authentic soul. It is such a privilege to meet and learn from her. Through her gentle approach, she gives you permission to turn up, unapologetic no matter what your skill level and teaches the key framework to create stunning flatlays, in a manner accessible to everyone. Thank you for everything Leah xx"

Marisa Farrell
Cadence & Grace Photography

"Being new in the small business game, I was so overwhelmed of where to begin to keep up with everyone's beautiful and professional looking instagram photo's! Thank god for Leah's easy to understand phone-tography course! This was an absolute game changer for me! Leah's course was set out in a way that it was easy to understand, therefore I was actually able to implement my new skills! Highly recommend this course!!"

Nicole Harper
Tiny Sleepers Australia

"I could not recommend Leah’s Phone-tography class more! The guide and class were paced out in such a way that it was easy to follow and presented perfectly. I am technically challenged and this class has leveled up my business photo content tenfold. Leah was so friendly and patient, her encouragement was exactly what I needed for my business. Amazing woman, teaching amazing things right here."

Chevron Heath
Sass by Chev

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not! These courses are designed for business owners of all levels and the curriculum is based on using your iPhone or Android. You can use your DSRL *if* you have one - But my courses? Are all about creating amazing content without having to invest in top quality (EXPENSIVE!) equipment. It's for beginners, amateurs, enthusiasts AND pro photographers!

Heck YES you can! 

You really, really can. By following my lighting guide and my post-production tips you will see actually how easy it is!

Well that is A-OK!

Because I have created the LLP Flatlay Formula™ that makes it impossible to mess it up!

My unique formula takes you through a step by step process... All you have to do is turn up with your props, and take the snap!

It's a common misconception, but nope! I teach ALL-O-THE-THINGS small business. Check out the list of topics I can cover over in the mentoring section!

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Styling & environment








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Half Day Workshop

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plus Lunch + Gifts!


Online courses closing...

All online courses are closing and will only re-open in an intake fashion later in 2021.









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